Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Reading

I've finally decided to jump on the Teach Like a Pirate bandwagon and I purchased the book through Kindle.  So far I have only read the first few chapters.  Let me tell you this book is an easy read and I am enjoying it. 

I have came to the conclusion that I may be obsessed with reading teacher books. I decided that I am going to make changes to my teaching.  When I was in college, we learned about Kagan structures.  The Kagan Cooperative Learning book was out textbook for a class, but all of the education classes used the structures.  It did make learning fun while I was in college and I was really great at incorporating structures in my lesson plans when I did my student teaching.  Well, I knew they had revised the book so I purchased the book and I love how the new version has a section dedicated to the structures. 

Well, I have struggled with figuring out how to use the structures effectively in kindergarten.  This lead to the purchase of 3 more books!  Yes, I said 3.  I purchased Lessons for Little Ones Mathematics Cooperative Learning Lessons by Lorna Curran, Lessons for Little Ones Language Arts Cooperative Learning Lessons by Lorna Curran, and Balanced Literacy Through Cooperative Learning and Active Engagement by Sharon Skidmore and Jill Graber.  I LOVE these books!!!

Ok so after purchasing and reading all of those cooperative learning books, I got on EBay and purchased Cooperative Learning Structures for Teambuilding by Laurie, Miguel, and Spencer Kagan.  Can we say I have a problem?  A book buying problem.  I'm addicted. ;) 

What have you been reading this summer?

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