Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Flash Sale!!!

I have been uploading new items in my TPT and TN store so I decided to throw a flash sale.  Hurry because this sale ends tomorrow!  Here's a peek at what I have added.

I created this calendar to work with Smartboards.  Everything is easy to navigate!  Just click on the buttons to go to the next page. 
All 12 months are brightly colored and included a different color or shape pattern that progresses in difficulty through the year.
If you notice their is a button at the bottom of the calendar.  Just click it to go on to the next daily routine. 

This calendar includes:
~12 monthly calendars in bright colors
~ Each calendar has all the number pieces with the pattern for the month already set. All you have to do is drag them to the correct spot on the calendar!
~ There is a today, tomorrow, and yesterday page.
~ Number of Days in school with a 100 chart that you can highlight any numbers that you choose. Highlight the 10's or 5's so students can practice counting.
~ There is a place value chart to show the number of days in school. Just drag the base 10 blocks into the chart.
~ There is a Number of the Day page that includes blank ten frames up to 20, a place to write the number, the word, and to do a number bond. I have provided a suggestion on how to use this page further.
~ I have also included a weather graph and a weather page to record the temperature. Just click on the sun to get your daily weather forecast.
~ Additionally, you will find a place to take lunch count/attendance and to write a morning message.
I have also recently added some editable classroom d├ęcor packs.

I hope you check out my sale!  Happy Shopping!!!

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