Monday, September 30, 2013

Back to Work Tomorrow

I have been off for a week for health reasons so I officially return to work tomorrow.  I did have to take my son to school and pick him up so I stopped by my classroom and some my wonderful kids!  They missed me as much as I have missed them.  I'm excited about going back to work, but I know tomorrow I will be dragging by the end of the day.  I hope to have some wonderful pictures to share with you.  I spent this evening cutting a few activities apart and I am excited to use my new whiteboard easel that I haven't been able to use.

I hope everyone had a great Monday and hopefully tomorrow I will have something to blog about.  I am working on some new activities to use in small groups.  I can't wait to get started and finished.  I am at the early stages of planning as you can tell.

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