Sunday, April 15, 2012

Study Jams

Last week, I started using Study Jams in my class.  I've heard about it before, but I hadn't checked it out until last week.  My class loved it!  The site has short videos that teach math and science concepts.  Some of the lessons include karaoke songs so the class can sign along as they learn.  There are also step by step directions with audio recording and pictures that teach students the skills, such as measurement.

Once you get on the site, click math or science to see a picture menu.  Select one of the categories and a list will come up for you to select a lesson by topic or skill.  The site is easy to use and navigate and your students will love it.  The videos are short so they can be easily incorporated into what you are already doing.

If you haven't checked it out go here.  The best part of the site is that it is free.  You can't beat free and engaging.

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