Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pinterest and Teachers Notebook

I have been pinning for the past hour and I decided to take a break.  I found some great new ideas and a fellow pinner must be teaching the same topics I am right now.  I found a few great examples of anchor charts for the states of matter.  I am definitely going to be making those this weekend. 

While I was pinning away, I received an email on my IPhone.  Can we say tech junkie ;)  Anyway, Teachers Notebook is revamping their site to make it possible to record 30 second videos about products.  They are also adding a forum for sellers and buyers and changing their product rating system.  I'm excited to see the new changes which are to be ready in the morning.  If you don't already know about Teachers Notebook, it is a place for teachers to sell their teaching materials, and the best part is that teachers receive 100% of their profits minus Pay Pal fees.  (Note:  The site will be down after midnight and it won't be up again until tomorrow morning when they are finished updating.)


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  2. Can't find the forum at TN. Can you tell me how Teachers Notebook folks dialog with one another?


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