Sunday, November 18, 2012


I finally finished making rekenreks for my kinders to use during our number talks.  I started making them in September.  My husband cut a quarter inch thick board into 4" by 12" pieces.  It only took one big piece of wood to cut out 20 student rekenreks and one larger teacher rekenrek.  I have to finish up the larger teacher version.  I was worried about splinters even after sanding the sides down.  My solution.... pretty duct tape.  I had to buy one bag of red and one bag of white pony beads and some elastic cord.  They aren't perfect, but they will last a while and serve the intended purpose.  My son had fun playing with them and wanted one built to keep at home.

I would love to know/see how others have made rekenreks.  If you have made them, leave me a comment or the link to your blog so I can check them out.

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