Sunday, October 13, 2013

Leaf Week

This week we will be learning about leaves.  We are going to start by going on a fall scavenger hunt.  My students have a scavenger hunt sheet so they know what to look for.  Then we are going to sort our collections and graph the results as a class using our document camera.

Since it is leaf week, we are going to finger paint.  Then we are going to trace and cut out a leaf after our paint dries.  Here is what the leaves looked like last year.  I would share the pattern, but it was hand drawn and it's too large to scan with my printer.
  We are also going to paint our trees in fall colors using our fingers.  We are going to use the same tree pattern as our apple trees, but use red, yellow, and orange to make fall leaves.  Here is what our apple trees looked like.  They are still hanging in my room so I will take them down when our fall trees are finished.

So we will collect, sort and graph leaves this week and we will talk about symmetry.  I think leaves are a good example of symmetry.  We have talked about symmetry before so this will be a little review.  I am working on a symmetry sorting activity for them to do during math stations.  I hope I have it done by Wednesday.  Yep, the kids are off Monday and Tuesday, but the teachers have to go for staff development and parent-teacher conferences.  I wish I was a kid.  No, not really.  I'm still the big kid in the class though. Lol!

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