Thursday, October 3, 2013


I think the apple tress that we made with our fingerprints turned out really great and they look good on our cabinets.  Sorry about the poor quality in my photos.  I started taking more pics with my phone.  I so need to find my digital camera.  I have an older one that I usually keep at school, but I haven't been the best organized person at home lately.  I wanted to show you some of the centers we are working on this week.  This week is our fire safety week so my math and literacy centers fit the theme.

This is our Clip It! Tens Frames with fire trucks.  Once students clip the clothespin on the answer, all they have to do is flip it over to check.

This is our Trace, Build, Write activity.  Each student has a work mat. They select a letter card and place it on the mat.  Next, they trace the letter on the card.  Then they use pipe cleaners, links, Wikki sticks, or play dough to build the letter.  Finally, they write the letter on the line.  This week we are using pipe cleaners.  I think it's important to switch it up from time to time.

Here is the same activity but with numbers.  Students select a number card.  Then build the number and finally they write the number.
This is our Clip It! Alphabet Cards.  Students select a card and they clip a clothes pin on the beginning sound.  Once they are finished, they flip the card over and look for the dot that I marked on the back to see if they have the correct answer.
This is Clip It! Rhyming words.  The students look at the picture and clip yes or no.  Then they flip the card over and look for the self-correcting dot.  These cards can also be used with the whole class to play quiz-quiz trade.  We love playing quiz-quiz trade!

Here is the center that didn't get cut out this week, but I plan on using it next week.  This is Clip It! Beginning Sounds.  The students decide if the pictures begin with the same sound and clip yes or no with a clothespin.  They will flip the card over to look for the self-correcting dot on the back that I write with a Sharpie.  This also can be played as a whole class quiz-quiz trade.
If you like the centers that you have seen, they can be purchased in my TPT or TN store.  They are from my Firefighter Math and Literacy Center Fun pack.

It's 99 pages of fun!  It has 5 literacy and 5 math centers.  Just click on one of the pictures to take you to my store.  The first pick with take you to Teachers Pay Teachers and the last two will take you to Teachers Notebook.
Come back tomorrow for a freebie!

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