Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sand and Water Table aka Sensory Table

I have been surfing around the net and I came across some cute ideas for my sand and water table.  Yes, I'm lucky to have one of each.  I want to make sure I keep students interested in playing in these areas.  Also, I want to make my tables go with the seasons or what we are studying.  Here is what I have in my tables right now.

Sand Table:  I don't have sand in my sand table, but I am sure it did at one time.  When I moved into my kindergarten classroom this year, this table was empty so I decided to change that.  I noticed that I had lots of these puff balls in my classroom so I poured them all into the sand table.  I added a few cloth bags for students to stuff with the puffs, some tongs and a few clothespins to practice picking them up, a couple of measuring cups, and some ice cream scoops from the Dollar Tree.  The only things I bought were the orange and green ice cream scoops and the green handle tongs.  All the other items were already in my room.
 Water Table:  Obviously, I don't have water in my water table.  Unlike my sand table, I have a lid for my water table.  I'm going to have to purchase one for the sand table to keep little ones from playing in it when we are lining up.  I did purchase the items for this table, but they will be reused next fall.  I filled my table with split peas.  It took about 16 bags, but the bags were small and $1.08 each.  I bought two cute little scarecrows, two cute little tin buckets, styrofoam apples, and decrative cheeries that I pulled off the wires to make the smaller apples.  I bought these items from Michael's, then I bought a 3 pack of funnels at the Dollar Tree. 

Let me just say, the kids really love playing at these tables and they are popular areas in my classroom during center time.  I am so happy that kinder teachers are being encourage to do traditional centers in kindergarten now.  I plan on changing my sand table soon to fit with a Halloween theme so come back and see what I do.  Maybe I will inspire you.

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